Outer Wilds

An upcoming open world exploration game about alien archaeology and backpacking in space, set in a dynamic solar system that's caught in an endless time loop.

Dev news   |   Reveal trailer

As an alpha build, Outer Wilds won the 2015 IGF grand prize and Excellence in Design (and was an honorable mention for Excellence in Narrative and the Nuovo Award).


A series of silly, surreal horoscopes I'm writing for the fun of it. Not meant to be taken the slightest bit seriously.


Your last horoscope implied the tall, dark stranger you were to meet would be human. The stars apologize for any inconvenience.

Tales from the Minus Lab

Abigail Swift's brother recently inherited their father’s old lab and stumbled upon a mysterious shrinking device. Now he's lost somewhere within the lab, and it’s up to Abigail to shrink in after him.

I wrote text for this discontinued project by students of USC's Interactive Media & Games Division.