Outer Wilds

Mobius DigitalAnnapurna Interactive • 2019 • PC and XBox One

I wrote in-game text and dialogue for Outer Wilds, an upcoming exploration game about alien archaeology and backpacking in space, set in a dynamic solar system that's caught in an endless time loop.

I collaborated with the creative leads on narrative design to create a compelling story and memorable characters that spark curiosity in players and inspire them to explore the game’s open world.

I wrote Outer Wilds’s in-game text to fulfill highly specific design needs and support nonlinear narrative progression. Every piece of writing in the game is either communicating a clue, setting up an important piece of world lore, or building on themes and characterization — usually all three at once.

IGF 2015 awards and honors (OW alpha build):

  • Seumas McNally Grand Prize — winner

  • Excellence in Design — winner

  • Excellence in Narrative — honorable mention

  • Nuovo Award — honorable mention

Paring down the script has been crucial in a game where you’re against the clock... From what we’ve seen [Outer Wilds has] nailed it: the dialogue is brisk and witty, never bogging you down with lengthy exchanges or creeds of exposition.
Edge magazine, Feb. 2019 issue


Insomniac GamesOculus Studios • 2019 • Oculus Rift

I worked with Stormland’s creative director, lead designer, and other team members to develop characters, plot, and key storytelling moments for this new Insomniac IP. I wrote cinematics, events, emergent dialogue, and other in-game text crafted to reinforce the game’s key themes and to create compelling characters and unique experiences in a world players will want to visit again and again.

Deep sci-fi story. Revolutionary VR traversal. Unprecedented presence. The Tempest shattered your android body. Now you must journey through an ever-changing cloudscape to augment yourself and save your friends.

Tales from the Minus Lab

Abigail Swift's brother recently inherited their father’s old lab and stumbled upon a mysterious shrinking device. Now he's lost somewhere within the lab, and it’s up to Abigail to shrink in after him.

I wrote text and voiceover for this discontinued project by students of USC's Interactive Media & Games Division, collaborating remotely with the creative lead to develop engaging characters and an interesting story.

minus lab.jpg


A series of silly, surreal horoscopes I'm writing for the fun of it. Not meant to be taken the slightest bit seriously.


Your last horoscope implied the tall, dark stranger you were to meet would be human. The stars apologize for any inconvenience.