Big news!

We're officially announced! Outer Wilds is coming to PC in 2018! I'm so excited, I might actually combust.

I am also allowed to say that Outer Wilds is being published by Annapurna Interactive. Supermassive thanks to them and to developer Mobius Digital for making Outer Wilds a reality!

Lastly, it's now possible to add Outer Wilds to your Steam wishlist, should that be a thing you want to do.

Look at my beautiful children

I spent the better part of fall in L.A. working onsite with Mobius Digital on Outer Wilds, and one of the best parts of being there, besides being able to watch playtesting in-person, was getting to see the characters take on their final shape and form, thanks to the tireless efforts of the art and animation teams. (Really, the title of this post should say "OUR beautiful children," but using "our" out of context like that seemed alarmingly vague.)

It's been an incredibly cool experience seeing characters I've written receive nuanced appearances that reflect their personalities, occupations, and interests, and I'm grateful that Mobius has been so willing to include me in character design. That said, it's obviously the art team who are responsible for OW's characters looking so good! I'm not just trying to flatter them; art's been doing utterly stunning work (and they're all lovely human beings, to boot!).

On that note, freakishly talented concept artist Sebastian Kings made this beautiful holiday "card" with some of our beloved Hearthians on it, and I can't stop geeking out over it. Just look at them!

Outer Wilds progress update

If you're one of Outer Wilds' Fig backers, you'll know I've been working onsite in L.A. for the past few weeks. This has given me the chance to see playtesting live and make adjustments based on playtester feedback, which has been invaluable for me in trying to make each piece of in-game text fulfill a particular goal.

I'll be in L.A. again starting tomorrow to work on wrapping up the rest of the narrative. Not much longer now!

First batch of horrorscopes is up!

Hello, can I interest you in some weird business?

I've been wanting to do a series of these since getting hooked on two-sentence horror stories, and here they are! I'm hoping to flex my horror chops a bit with these, but I also just really enjoy campy horror (think old comic books, or even that comic book segment from "What Remains of Edith Finch").


“You or her?” it will ask in the darkness, “You, or her?” and you’ll choose her. God help you, you’ll choose her.

Outer Wilds interview

Mobius Digital interviewed me for a writing update on Outer Wilds recently, where I got to talk OW's designers' ears off for a bit about the Nomai (our resident race of ancient aliens) text's tone and structure. If interacting with text in 3D spaces is your cup of tea, you can read that interview over on Mobius' blog.